Cabo Azul Destinaion Wedding Photo preview | Kristen & Eren

This couple ROCKS! Really rocks! We had recently this awesome wedding at the pretty Cabo Azul Resort, we shot both Video and Photography for this amazing couple and had a blast doing it!
Enjoy it!

Destination wedding bride fixing her head band with assistance from one of her bridesmaids A cool shot of the groom with his groomsmen in the background in Mexico A far shot of the wedding couple getting married with the bridesmaids and the groomsmen A beautiful shot of the groom posing with the bridesmaids in Mexico A beautiful shot of the wedding couple on the beach with the gorgeous dark clouds above The bride and groom's wedding portrait on the beach at sunset in Mexico A fun pose by the bride and groom on the beach with a beautiful chromatic sunset as the backdrop The gorgeous wedding couple sitting on the stairs with some decorative lights hanging in the forefrontA gorgeous and romantic shot of the newlyweds sitting on the stairs in Mexico A group shot of the wedding guests with their hands in the air courtesy of destination wedding photographer Dino Gomez

6 Responses to “Cabo Azul Destinaion Wedding Photo preview | Kristen & Eren”

  1. Ozzie Melendez

    Congrats to you both! Watching the video, I felt like I was there…you both truly emote love and happiness and that’s what I wish for you… now and always!

  2. Mom & Dad C.

    We couldn’t have imagined anything more spectacular! All dreams were answered..May everyday be the Beauty of this day!……..Love Always

  3. Brings tears to my eyes every time! This teaser video truly captures all of the emotions we were all feeling that weekend. WOW. Speechless. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Now post the full length!!!

  4. Ksisten Wall (The Bride)

    Dino… Seriously, we are so impressed. I love how in the video you started with the black & white and then after we were married you went to color. The video is ridiculous. Like amazing. We have shown a few close family members at this point and the response is all tears and the biggest smiles and everyone is SO blown away by your work. Thank you again and please extend our thanks to your team. I hope you had fun with us!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kristen & Eren

  5. Kristen Wall (The Bride)

    SAW ITTTTTTTTT… i’m crying. I want to do it all over again!!! I feel like I just did by watching this… If this is the highlight video and not even the real one… I don’t know if I could even handle the real one! Thank you so much… Eren and I may be coming out again in March so if we do let us take you out to eat or something.

    Kristen & Eren

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