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Star Wars themed wedding at The Venetian in Las Vegas – Paulina & Alejandro – Destination Photographer Dino Gomez

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I couldn’t be more excited when Paulina said yes to me! I mean, yes, for me to shoot her wedding at The Venetian in Las Vegas, and on top of that: a Star Wars Themed Wedding! Couldn’t believe it! Even luckier, it was a couple of days after my birthday, so it was the perfect plan to celebrate and to shoot this treat! Yes, I’m a Star Wars fan! Wife and I wen’t on to get proper Star Wars costumes and join the fun!

Today the new Star Wars film is out: Rouge One: A Star Wars Story and so does this post to make it a full Star Wars day, I’m sure Paulina and specially Alejandro will appreciate it. #StarWars #RougeOne

I hope you enjoy these pix as much as we did shooting this unusual wedding! Enjoy Paulina & Alejandro’s Wedding: A Star Wars Story!

bridal shoes with red lips on heel with star wars storm trooper bride having her makeup done before her star wars themed wedding

 ↓ My love helping out with “the hair”
wedding guests dress in star wars costumes to get ready for star

↓ Looks like Paulina is watching something on HoloFlix while getting her hair done (No CGI, just photography!)bride has hair and makeup done before wedding at the venetian ph beautiful bride looks into mirror while getting her make up done makeup artists gently place the brides veil on her head to compl international wedding photographer dino gomez at star wars theme groom in hotel room dressing as jedi for wedding

↓ Alejandro getting ready looking into a Holographic Mirror (I swear, no CGI, just photography!)groom dresses for wedding in bathroom of luxury venetian hotel r groom reflected by many mirrors in bathroom of venetian as he pr

↓ Alejandro’s Lightsaber was out of battery for the photo. Bummer!groom sits and relaxes with lightsaber in hand before the weddin groom dressed as jedi knight holding light saber at star wars th

↓ The hotel called and gave us 10 minutes to be there or bust! And that hotel is HUGE! Paulina didn’t seemed disturbed ↓guests dressed in star wars costumes walk through venetian hotel mother buttons up daughters wedding dress on wedding day at the bride finishes putting on star wars inspired wedding dress in ph

↓ Checkout my wife’s Rey character costume aiding Paulina with the final details.jedi maid of honor helps princess bride prepare for star wars we dark and atmospheric photo of bride before star wars themed wedd destination wedding photographer in las vegas dino gomez photogr bride holds yellow rose bouquet and waits outside wedding hall o

↓   The Emperor didn’t seem too pleased attending a wedding along with some Rebels, nor Yoda with the Emperor in the same room ↓bride groom and wedding guests dress as star wars characters for star wars dressed bride and groom together at altar in destinati wedding hall full of star wars dressed wedding guests with bride newlyweds standing at altar when priest pronounces them as husba bride and groom standing at altar dressed as jedi and princess a bride gazes lovingly at groom during their star wars wedding cer closeup photo of brides face wearing intricate delicate bridal v closeup photo of the groom putting the wedding band onto the bri jedi groom and princess bride at wedding altar in photo by las v

Can you spot the Holo-Video Recording Drone? ↓bride and groom say i do at the wedding altar at the venetian ho newlyweds kiss for first time as husband and wife standing at we wedding guests dressed as star wars characters applaud the newly

⇓ Time for the newlyweds Photo Session! Yeiiiimagnificent interior of venetian hotel las vegas newlyweds walki bride and groom kiss during photo session with renowned wedding newlywed couple embrace inside las vegas best destination hotel newlyweds in opulent hallway of venetian casino in las vegas aft groom kisses bride on forehead with sky ceiling in background in newlyweds together in lavish hotel palace hallway newlyweds stand close together and look directly into camera in venetian hotel vegas destination wedding session by dino gomez

Through exciting star wars wedding in vegas photographed by dino gom newlyweds stand in lush green garden in wedding photo by las veg roman style green garden wedding at the venetian in vegas

.. and escalatorsincredible painted ceilings of the venetian hotel photographed b

..and a moment to hit the slot machines! Still no battery on that Lightsaber!groom dressed as jedi plays slot machine while princess bride wastar wars destination theme wedding in las vegas photographed by

↓ ..and yeah: Stormtroopers! Gotta love them!
bride waits hoping for jedi groom to rescue her in theme destinanewlyweds standing arm in arm with guests wearing storm troopertheme destination wedding photos by dino gomez in las vegas of s bride standing between two storm troopers in long hallway inside TTD in Las Vegas Trash the Dress Dino Gomez Wedding Photographer

⇓ The Rockhouse looks as if we were inside the Death Star! ⇓wedding reception at rockhouse in the venetian hotel photos by d rockhouse dive bar at venetian hotel party after star wars weddi

↓ Hey guys! The Lightsaber is finally charged! Yeiii, Time to party!!groom holds blue lightsaber and bride at wedding reception at ro

↓ Love to see Rebels as well as Imperial staff blending together and having a good time! ↓photo of entire wedding party dressed as various star wars chara

Stormtroopers, Lightsabers and Beer: life is good!star wars props and costumes used for theme wedding in las vegas rockhouse bar inside the venetian hotel and casino las vegas bride lifts up yellow rose bouquet before tossing it to the fema

The Force is strong with her ⇓brides friend catches bouquet and is congratulated by other wedd

The Force must be really strong in Alejandro, no mortal would survive holding a Lightsaber like that!
wedding photographer in las vegas dino gomez photograph of newly

Old school arcade! Life is even better!bride and groom play retro ms pac-man arcade game in overhead ph

Millennium Falcon wedding cake anyone? YES PLEASE!star wars wedding cake with millennium falcon and bride and groo groom and friends dressed as star wars jedi knights laugh togeth inside rockhouse ultra-dive bar photos of wedding reception by d

Next day, time to visit planet Tatooine (AKA Red Rock, NV) on a system nearby for a TTD session.bride and groom walk through rough desert terrain in wedding pho unforgettable las vegas star wars theme destination wedding with stunning color on the red nevada mountains and clear blue sky on striated desert mountains with newlyweds dressed as star wars je groom kisses forehead of bride as they stand on red desert mount

↓ Time to pay good old uncle Owen in his typical Tatooine style house a visit. (Am I lucky or what to find a house like this!)

one of a kind photo session of newlyweds dressed as star wars ch groom looks at bride from a distance in desert photo reminiscent jedi newlyweds in remote desert location wedding photo session w star wars newlyweds in nevada desert that looks like tatooine de newlyweds walk through rough desert terrain in photo by dino gom remote nevada desert wedding photo session by photographer dino

Amazing landscapes in Tatooine!young loving newlyweds in expansive desert mountain range las vegas destination wedding photographer dino gomez at star wa photo through desert grass of newlywed couple kissing in the nev

And yes, that’s my wife (Rey) and I (in the Finn Character costume) with the bride and groom and of course more Stormtrooperstheme wedding photographer in las vegas dino gomez with star war

Can’t wait to meet Paulina and Alejandro again in August to shoot their big wedding in Cuernavaca, Mexico!

Dino Gomez is a Destination Photographer available to travel for weddings and based in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Tayrona National Park Photo Session – Photographer in Santa Marta, Colombia – Yas + José

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This one was an absolutely amazing experience, when Yas & José contacted me some months ago to go shoot their engagement session at the gorgeous National Park Tayrona, in Santa Marta, Colombia, I couldn’t be happier, to go shoot in my home-country at such amazing place! Yas & José came with their very best friends from Canada where they are based.
I’ve had my fare share of boat rides, and I must confess this was the most thrilling ever, to say the least; the ocean was ruthless, very!!!


This one was at its calmest!

parque tayrona colombia rocky coastline best destination wedding photographer dino gomez photoshoot in p newlyweds sit in a tree in national park tayrona colombia during romantic wedding photo in colombia by dino gomez newlyweds hug and kiss in this photo by colombian photographer d nature natural wedding photo shoot in colombia by photographer d thatched palm roof beach hut in colombia photo by international tayrona national park stunning scenery for wedding photo session tropical tayrona national park in colombia newlyweds loved the l

Look all the photos

Wedding Photographer in Colombia – Hacienda Sedonia DIY Wedding – Jojis & Eduardo

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I’m thrilled to share with you this wedding. My friends Jojis & Eduardo invited me to shoot their wedding in Colombia last September, at the gorgeous Hacienda Sedonia, located 45 minutes north of Bogota, in a town called Chia. Not only I had the chance to visit friends and family for a couple of weeks, but enjoyed so much clicking this wedding, Jojis spent several months planing it and crafting all the little details herself, from over 200 handmade paper flowers, to the signs, real flowers and all the decor in general, all the family pitched in to make it happen, even the night before the wedding she was still working on it so her big day was nothing but perfect, I must say I truly loved this DIY wedding!

colombian mountain villa hacienda una hacienda hermosa – foto por dino gomez mountain villa countryside wedding photo by dino gomez colombian bbq food for the wedding dinner sheep and dog run around the grounds of the hacienda during the bridal dress is delivered at destination wedding bride arrives at wedding greeted by bridesmaids wedding dress hangs in the living room while guests prepare for flora farm white wedding dress bride puts on her wedding dress the bride puts on her wedding dress with the help of some family bride puts on lipstick and makeup before backyard wedding bride in dress before destination wedding in colombia bride in wedding dress with children looking on overhead photo of bride holding bouquet in her lap hacienda photographer dino gomez backyard wedding bride relaxes with bridesmaid on wedding day photo by dino gomez good luck kiss for the bride on her wedding day family wish the bride a wonderful marriage on her wedding day groom walks through hacienda on wedding day groom puts on suit for destination wedding historic south american chapel sunny wedding day in colombian countryside mother wishes son a happy marriage on his wedding day in south a diy do-it-yourself wedding flowers flores de la boda fotografiado por dino gomez closeup of yellow wedding flower wedding candles in jars with flowers flower girl wedding basket homemade wedding decorations and flowers for outdoor wedding wedding guests stand outside the hacienda before the wedding mother and father walk bride and groom down the aisle in south a close family bless the colombian bride and groom on their weddin backyard south american chapel with wedding guests bride and groom at colombian church wedding ceremony – photogr young ring bearer presents the rings at south american wedding â bride puts wedding band on grooms finger colombian church wedding priest colombian bride says emotional vows at her wedding bride and groom make their vows at hacienda destination wedding bride and groom stand at the altar during their colombian church first kiss as husband and wife photographed by medellin photogra photographer dino gomez colombian newlyweds kiss family congratulate the bride at bbq backyard wedding photograph flora farm wedding photographer dino gomez photo of bride and gr newlyweds walk hand in hand at flora farm wedding bridesmaids and groomsmen celebrate with bride and groom at back fun diy wedding in colombia bride and bridesmaids at backyard wedding bride groom and groomsmen at destination colombian wedding best friends bridesmaids and groomsmen pose outside of mexican h traditional colombian barbecue at wedding poker colombian beer in homemade crates ready for the wedding re flora farms wedding local beer bbq wedding food for backyard wedding backyard colombian bbq at diy countryside wedding diy wedding decorations photo by dino gomez diy wedding dessert cotton candy and ice cream dino gomez photog newlyweds kiss outside of their colombian hacienda backyard wedding with stylish groom – photo by dino gomez mexican countryside wedding beautiful bride photo bride and groom at hacienda wedding in mexico long white wedding dress in garden happy wedding couple standing in courtyard of countryside villa mexican countryside wedding photo by dino gomez husband and wife look into each other's eyes at their south amer dino gomez photo of colombian bride at outdoor wedding young couple married in a historic south american countryside ha blue and white colombian hacienda matches the cloudy sky – din bride at countryside wedding in colombia bride walks down staircase in white wedding dress bride makes a phone call on her wedding day bride enjoys traditional colombian interior design at her weddin earthy bridal bouquet colors photo by dino gomez dino gomez mexican hacienda photographer bride at south american destination wedding photo by dino gomez south american sunset wedding the beautiful bride stands in the garden during her backyard wed red rose bridal bouquet bride wearing fun casual shoes at her outdoor wedding overhead wedding photo with unique camera angle by dino gomez groom wears dress shoes while bride wears sneakers at wedding newlyweds and guests take selfie photo at wedding bogota photographer dino gomez photo of newlyweds dancing at wed guests cheer newlyweds at wedding reception in colombia bride dancing in wedding dress at hacienda wedding reception husband and wife hug and dance at their hacienda wedding photogr family photos diy wedding decoration classy and casual diy wedding wedding guests drink colombian liquor colombian band plays at wedding while guests dance bride dances with friends at her wedding guests dance and laugh at wedding party in south america wedding guests dance at backyard wedding friends and family of the bride and groom dance to live music bbq wedding with guests dancing south american destination wedding attended by guests from aroun la novia lleva una máscara en la recepción de la boda

Did I mentioned they met through Tinder?

bride and groom party at destination wedding photographed by din husband takes off his wife's wedding garter at their wedding rec dino gomez bogota photographer wedding guest dances for bride an wedding guests entertain bride and groom at south american weddi wedding guests make a toast to the newlyweds at their wedding re destination wedding with masquerade theme destination wedding in south america photographed by dino gomez invitados celebran en la fiesta – fotografo de bodas dino gome foto de dino gomez de la fiesta de la boda en colombia una gran fiesta despues de la boda en america latina bride and groom kiss during their wedding reception


Dino Gomez is an acclaimed Destination Wedding Photographer from Bogota, Colombia and based in Los Cabos, Mexico, shooting weddings from Cancun, to Puerto Vallarta or Cartagena to Medellin.